The Greater Boston Area Harry Potter Social Group



This is a group for Harry Potter fans located in Boston, Massachusetts and the greater New England area.

I know there are tons of fans in the area and even some small meetup groups through livejournal, myleaky and mugglespace. My goal is to unify the Boston area fandom and get everyone together more frequently for group events.

This group will be a fun way to meet local fans to hang out with. I want the group to be comfortable for all fans: cosplayers, fic writers and readers, wrockers, ANYONE. There will be discussion groups, potter parties, outtings to wrock shows, quidditch and more! Fans of all ages are welcome, although there will be an area of the forum and also some events that are 18+.

On the sidebar, if you click on links you will find the group's facebook, twitter, youtube, and flickr accounts. Also on the sidebar you will find the group's forum, calendar of events, and an option to contact me- Amanda. Please join the conversations in the forum, rsvp to meetups and events, and contact me with any questions or ideas you may have!

If you want to be involved in this group please take a minute and become a member of this site. This is our hub of operations and home of the group mailing list. Feel free to join the facebook group and follow us on twitter as well, but those are just supplements to this main site.

if you are here reading this, I do hope you choose to stick around. Jump on in and make new friends! Reconnect with friends you've met at past conferences or local wrock shows! Attend meetups and events! Spread the word (and the HP love)! Most of all, have FUN!

 Hope to see you all soon!

 <3 Amanda